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Glen Allen Files Opening Brief In His Appeal From Dismissal Of His Lawsuit Against The SPLC

On February 14, 2020, Glen Allen, who has received financial aid from FEF, filed his initial brief in his appeal from Judge Blake’s dismissal of his complaint against Heidi Beirich, Mark Potok, and the SPLC.  Allen presented a number of arguments for reversal of the district court’s decision.  Included among them were that:

  • the court failed properly to take into account that the SPLC defendants had unlawfully, not innocently, obtained the documents they used to doxx Allen;
  • the court’s cursory dismissal of Allen’s RICO claims improperly ignored Allen’s detailed allegations regarding the SPLC’s criminal actions; and
  •   the court erred in dismissing Allen’s defamation claims on the grounds that the SPLC’s statements were mere opinion, where the SPLC had accused Allen of being a “neo-Nazi” who had “infiltrated” the Baltimore City City government. Such accusations cannot be dismissed as mere hyperbole, especially when leveled by an organization – the SPLC – that trumpets itself as “the nation’s leading source for reliable analysis of the radical right.”

Allen’s opening brief can be read here.

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