FEF focuses on free expression cases and issues the mainstream media ignore or distort.

FEF has developed a network of sympathetic attorneys to whom it can refer legal matters.

FEF’s mission is to reach out to victims of the Thought Police and to listen to their stories.


America’s unique and precious traditions of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are under assault today. 

The threats come from many sources: systems of education that from preschool to graduate school restrict robust debate on controversial issues and fail to instruct students on the history and importance of our civil liberties; mainstream media that give lip service to balanced reporting but in reality ignore infringements on free expression when doing so serves the media’s political biases; big tech and social media giants that de-platform viewpoints based on nebulous and arbitrary standards and sometimes no standards at all; governments that fail to provide even basic protection for protestors (as in Charlottesville) and selectively bring criminal prosecutions (as in Charlottesville), ignoring the flagrant criminal actions of groups such as AntiFa.

These sources often act together, leaving average Americans in the dark about the growing degradation of their civil liberties.

FEF seeks to remedy this unfortunate set of facts by properly focussing on free expression cases and issues the mainstream media ignore or distort.



All too often, victims of the heavy-handed and sometimes illegal actions of the Thought Police do not know how to respond. They feel isolated; the legal context for possible redress is obscure or unknown to them; they may have suffered substantial financial losses and do not know where to turn. 

Embraced in the Free Expression Foundation’s mission is to reach out to these victims and to listen to them and their sympathizers with care and respect. If this first step of respectful consultation suggests legal or financial redress is possible, FEF will so advise. At a minimum, however, FEF seeks to let the victims know they are not alone and there are others who care about their plight and are willing to lend support should they seek to pursue legal action.