Oral Argument Held In Fourth Circuit Appeal Of Allen v. Beirich And SPLC Dismissal

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Glen Allen argued his SPLC appeal in the Fourth Circuit before Judges Motz, Agee, and Keenan. This oral argument, including both sides, is about 40 minutes long. Here is an audio of the argument: https://www.ca4.uscourts.gov/OAarchive/mp3/19-2419-20210126.mp3

The judges seemed to have read the briefs and asked appropriate questions, including some rather difficult ones for the SPLC’s attorney, Chad Bowman. Bowman contended, among other arguments, that it was irrelevant that the SPLC is a law firm and 501c3 subject to canons of legal ethics and 501c3 requirements. Allen argued as strongly as he could that the SPLC has abused whatever First Amendment protections it might have had. Overall Allen tried earnestly to persuade the Court to hold the SPLC accountable, as it has never been, for its unethical and unlawful conduct.

It is expected that the court will take at least six months to render its decision.

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