Litigation Commenced Against Radical Antifa Doxxer

This week, Free Expression Foundation co-founder and Chief Legal Officer, Glen Allen, together with local counsel, filed a Federal lawsuit in Washington state against infamous “antifascist” activist, David Capito. The suit has been filed on behalf of several individuals Capito allegedly maliciously doxxed in late 2021.

The six-count complaint alleges that Mr. Capito, who changed his name to the exotic and Bolshevik inspired Vyacheslav Arkadeyivich Arkhangelskiy in 2019, infiltrated the Washington area chapter of Patriot Front in July 2021. He’s accused of misrepresenting his identity and ideological inclinations, gaining access to Patriot Front’s private chat server as “Vincent Washington,” and spending several months working as a photographer for the group.

By November 2021, the complaint further alleges, Capito was in contact with Distributed Denial of Secrets, an organization that assisted him in a sophisticated cyber attack. This allowed Capito high-level access to the Patriot Front chat server, containing confidential and sensitive personal information about Patriot Front members.

Capito is then accused of leaking this information to outlets such as Unicorn Riot and posting it to an Antifa twitter account used by him to “expose” American citizens for political views that Capito and his accomplices disagree with. In doing this, the complaint alleges, Capito violated the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and several similar state statutes, committing both fraud and invasion of privacy.

The doxxing reportedly caused several Patriot Front members and others to lose lucrative jobs and career opportunities. Moreover, they experienced physical harassment such as property trespassing, hostile leafletting of their neighborhoods, and tire slashing. They also endured harm to their family and personal relationships, along with the intense psychological stress that results from being outed as dissidents in an increasingly intolerant social environment.

Typically, and unfortunately, this is where such stories end. But, thanks to the efforts of the FEF and its network of attorneys, these victims aim to recover their losses and send a message to Mr. Capito and other radical agitators. They want to make it clear that coordinated doxxing campaigns to chill free speech and violate state and federal law will no longer be conducted without consequence.

For too long, agitators like Capito have operated unchecked, breaking the law with impunity to enforce their radical and intolerant political views. For decades, such radicals have been supported by their own network of well-funded public interest law organizations, like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the National Lawyers Guild. Meanwhile, members of the dissident right have been cut off from effective legal representation.

By representing clients in cases such as this, the Free Expression Foundation’s lawyers aim to reverse these freedom-destroying trends and protect robust free expression. With public support, the FEF can act as a safeguard against the harmful doxxing and harassment tactics that have disrupted the lives of many law-abiding American citizens seeking to exercise their First Amendment Rights.

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