FEF Launches New Initiative to Help January 6 Defendants

As freedom-loving Americans who see through media distortions must know – and as FEF has discussed in several prior posts – the government’s barbarous mistreatment of the January 6 Defendants is a national disgrace. Attorneys affiliated with FEF, despite many attempts, have not yet succeeded in getting directly involved in helping these victims of government overreach, although FEF has been providing monthly donations to defray their legal costs.  But FEF is not giving up. Glen Allen on behalf of FEF recently sent letters to over 25 of the incarcerated defendants enclosing cover letters and FEF brochures, and is in the process of contacting many of the defendants’ attorneys directly to offer his and FEF’s support. Providing legal, financial, and moral support to the persons such as the January 6 Defendants who have suffered harm from attempts to exercise their First Amendment rights is what FEF was created to do.  Donors to FEF should know that their donations will be used effectively for such purposes.

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